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MRO Americas 2022
April 26-28, 2022
Dallas, TX, USA

Aircraft Towing Systems World Wide LLC

Booth: 3024

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  • Edmond,  OK
  • United States

Company Description

Aircraft still move around airports the way they did over 100 years ago – using aircraft thrust. Aircraft thrust is very inefficient, burns large amounts of fuel, harms the environment and is dangerous in many situations. Aircraft Towing Systems (ATS) is fully automatic, utilizing an electric-powered pullcar/tow dolly riding on a monorail in a below-ground channel pulling aircraft from the runway to the gate and back. After the nose gear is driven onto the tow dolly, engines are shut down saving fuel, reducing emissions, decreasing noise, safer taxiing by reducing collisions, and extending aircraft engine and component life. ATS is an advanced ground vehicle technology revolutionizing airside operations for how aircraft move around airports

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