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MRO Americas 2022
April 26-28, 2022
Dallas, TX, USA

Oceanit Laboratories, Inc.

Booth: 3540

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  • Houston,  TX
  • United States

Company Description

Oceanit is a Mind to Market company that creates disruptive technology from fundamental science. Utilizing the unique discipline of Intellectual Anarchy, Oceanit reimagines innovation to break the bonds of normal and solve the impossible--delivering technologies to the market that make impacts across aerospace, healthcare, energy, and industrial/ consumer technologies, and more. AeroPel Nanocomposite Protective Layer (NPL) is the next gen of corrosion and ice protection for the aviation industry. Water-based omniphobic and chemical-based icephobic NPLs impart surface protection against corrosion for structures and components, superhydrophobic properties to limit ice nucleation and reduce adhesion strength, MIC & fouling prevention, and more.

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