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MRO Americas 2021
April 27-29, 2021
Orlando, FL, USA

Aviation Repair Solutions

Booth: 1111

  • Long Beach,  CA
  • United States

Company Description

Our craftsmen perform piece part repairs using in-house chrome plating, precision grinding, and NDT processes. We also manage outside services we source to FAA vendors, including nickel and cad plating and thermal spray. Our experience includes thousands of part numbers over decades. We have unique capability to plate chrome on stainless, aluminum, inconel, and titanium. We are FAA/EASA and AS-9100 certified. We use a consulting FAA DER. Customers are OEMs, Airlines, and Part 145's who use us for commercial and military transport, business jet, turboprop, and helicopter platforms. We are a vital team member for your hydraulic, pneumatic, fuel, propeller, and landing gear repairs. Your parts are safe with us and they will be home soon!