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  • Miramar,  FL
  • United States

    Company Description

    Aero Accessories specializes in repair solutions for next generation Fuel, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, IDG & Electro Mechanical components. Our Fuel Shop covers ATAs 28, 49 & 73 and specializes in HMU’s, FMU’s MEC’s, APU Fuel Controls, Main Engine Fuel Pumps, Fuel Boost Pumps and ALL Fuel related Valves. Our Hydraulic Shop works in ATA’s 27, 29, 32 & 78 covering most Servo Actuation, Auto Pilot Controls, PCU's, Power Transfer Units, Thrust Reverser Actuators and Horizontal Stabilizer Actuators. Additionally, we support ALL Hydraulic Pumps. In our Pneumatic Shop, the focus is on LRU’s found in ATA’s 36, 49, 75 & 80 including Starters , HPTC Valve, APU Surge Valves, Air Cycle Machines, Bleed Valves as well as ALL VSV, VBV & IGV Actuators.