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Flight Power Repair Group, LLC.

Booth: 6207


  • Doral,  FL
  • United States

    Company Description

    Flight Power Repair Group, LLC. is a privately held corporation headquartered in Doral, Florida specializing in providing MRO solutions for the aerospace and industrial markets. We specialize in the repair and overhaul of commercial jet engine components for CFMI CFM56-ALL Series, GE CF6-80C, CF34-ALL Series, Rolls Royce RB211 and Pratt & Whitney PW4000. We also offer repair and overhaul services for industrial turbine components on the Pratt & Whitney GG4/FT4, and GG8/FT8 aero-derivative gas turbines. In addition, Flight Power Repair Group provides a wide range of specialized services for engines, aircraft and landing gear applications which include; Vacuum Heat Treat, Solution and Precipitation Heat Treat, Stress Relief, Shotpeening, Plasma Spray, Cleaning, Ultrasonic Inspection, FPI & FMPI, Welding, Machining, protective coating applications.