Concast Metal Products Co.

Booth: 4582


  • Wakeman,  OH
  • United States

    Company Description

    Concast is the largest manufacturer of continuous cast copper alloys in North America with two production facilities located in Mars, PA, and Wakeman, OH. Our primary focus is the production of copper alloys in bars, rods, tubes, and rectangles, as well as wrought drawn products. All products are produced with state-of-the-art horizontal and vertical continuous-casting technology. Aerospace alloys include; C510, C630, C642, C863, C865, C903, C905, C907, C927, C941, C943, C954, C955 and C95510-AMS4880. Aerospace applications include; aircraft bushings, bearings, landing gear components, engine components, aircraft components, pump shafts and landing gear parts.