• Chester Springs,  PA
  • United States

    Company Description

    Blue Avionics is an Avionics OEM specializing in Adaptable Avionics, Mechanical Mounts, OEM Aircraft Circuit Cards. Our BA-440 Router/Filter and BA-540 Adaptable Avionics Units (AAU) are installed in Airlines, Business Jets, Regional Airlines, and Helicopters. These Adaptable Avionics are used to provide hundreds of different functions customized by configurations to meet your specific needs. Contact us with your need so we can provide a solution to you. Stop by our booth to learn more about adaptable Avionics to upgrade your fleet for a faction of the cost. Come by to see our new product the BA-540 Adaptable Avionics Unit (AAU) and BA-110 ARINC to CSDB Converter (ACU). 610-458-3763