• Englewood,  CO
  • United States

Company Description

8tree makes dentCHECK® – approved by Airbus, backed by Boeing and used by the leading airlines/MROs globally. dentCHECK is an SRM-compliant, handheld 3D dent-mapping and blend-out analysis tool. Purpose-built for the aviation industry, dentCHECK delivers actionable ‘go/no-go’ answers in seconds. It slashes mapping & reporting times by 90% and delivers unprecedented levels of accuracy and consistency. 1-button operation empowers the operator in the hangar and the field – no programming, no wires, no mess. dentCHECK revolutionizes the speed with which airlines can inspect airframe damage caused by GSE, bird strikes and hail damage. This reduces Turn-around-Time and boosts operational efficiency, thereby directly helping the bottom line.