• Miami springs,  FL
  • United States

Company Description

FEAM is an industry leading MRO with a wide network of 30 locations in the U.S. FEAM provides full handling line maintenance support up to A-Check level services, Tiger Team AOG Support, Base Maintenance/ Modification Services & Technical Services to all commercial air carriers. FEAM, recognized for providing high-quality maintenance, emphasizes aircraft type training through its Academy Center & having an active in-time SMS program. FEAM has forged strategic OEM partnerships including Boeing and Airbus. FEAM Approvals: FAA 145, EASA 145, EASA 147, Japan JCAB, UAE GCAA, Qatar QCAA, Singapore CAAS 145, Korean MOLIT & Bermuda DCA. Visit FEAM’s Website at feam.aero for an interactive map and more info.